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The European Union becomes a serious game at EM Strasbourg Business School

Publié le 30 novembre 2016, Mis à jour le 8 décembre 2016

105 students of the program Bachelor in European Management and Passworld students (English track) addressed the end of geo-blocking in the Single Market at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Three of them told us how they feel about this unusual immersion in the political world.

Working together for common good

Monserrat MAGANA OCANA (Mexico)

After everything that we study in class, putting all the theory in practice on this role play really helped me and my classmates clarify how the system works, and to realize how much power citizens can have on the parliament, because that's the duty of the European Parliament to represent the citizens. Having the opportunity to meet two real members of the parliament was really interesting. It made us realize how close they are to the citizens.

Another important point was the opportunity of having our role play at the European Parliament. That made us take our duty much more seriously. I'm confident that this opportunity will give me a "plus" for my professional and personal life. The EU, which has its breakdowns or issues like any other institution, has still showed us how far you can get when people work together looking for common good."

Role play : a very efficient way to get involved in your own education

Yutong ZHOU (China)

It was really enjoyable ! The trip to the European Parliament will be a precious memory for me. Though as a lobbyist, I couldn’t speak and vote in the parliament, which was a pity, I did enjoy the whole role play. It gave me the real feeling that I was involved. And during the preparation for our lobbying presentation, I learned a lot about what was happening in Europe now. Discussion with my team members also let me understand how European youth sees these things. It has provided me with countless surprises.

I have to say this is on of the best educational experience of my life. After this experience, I feel inspired to work in the European Parliament in some way. Nidhi Kapoor (India)

Precious insights on the European Parliament

Sarah Hengstberger (Austria)

I was looking, from above, on this assembly full of important politicians sitting in the European Parliament and raising their hands for the votes. Everything was so fast and organized....
At that point I could not imagine that we students would do a role play in one of the rooms and that it would work out without being chaos. I was very impressed with how fluently the process went, how well prepared the speeches all of the students were and which good ideas they proposed on the topic of geo-blocking.

I believe I learned a lot about this process - not just the challenge of talking in front of many people in a foreign language about a difficult topic but also that trying to find a compromise is not always that easy. From my point of view this project gives the students deeper insights on how the European Union works. I am happy that I could participate and would recommend it to all other students !

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Nils Rübelmann  - Germany
EP Chair in the game

"This was a true learning-by-doing experience. Thanks to the role play we were not only reading texts and listening to presentations, we had the opportunity to engage ourselves in the preparation, the debates and finally had the chance to experience the political work that is done in Strasbourg. The personal commitment helped to not only learn, but to feel how the European Union works. That way, you learn something for your life, not only for an exam."
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